2016 December 31

Hello to all you NEAT folks out there,

After a wonderful and productive three and a half years – wow, I never imagined I’d say that back in June 2013 – the editors of NEAT have decided to close up shop.

For now, we will still maintain the past issues on our website, though we will no longer pay for the domain. In September 2017, look for us at That is when our time will be up on

It’s been an amazing journey with all of you. We’ve both learned so much about writing, editing, publishing, communication, teamwork, marketing, time management (I could go on…). We’re so proud of our final products and all you contributors should be too.

Thanks for taking a chance on us and thanks for caring so damn much about this publication.

Have a spectacular new year – and if you know anyone looking for a couple of talented copywriters, copy editors, content marketers, etc., send them our way.


TM Keesling & Elizabeth Jenike, Editors

P.S. check out our final issue below.


Final Issue

Issue 10: Summer 2016

DSC_0009 - Version 2

NEAT. Issue 10: Summer 2016 [PDF]

We have two eBook versions available. The MOBI file will work on your Kindle device, and the EPUB will work on other kinds of readers (iBooks, Sony eReader, Nook, etc). Enjoy!



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  11. Honored to appear in this issue, and honored by the review. Also, Brenna Womer, whose story appears here, is one of my students.

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