TM “Tara” Keesling studied literature and creative writing in her undergrad years and in January 2015 finished work on her master’s in poetry. She spent a great deal of time at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, even teaching for a year there before accepting a position at the Mill Creek Watershed Council of Communities, an environmental non-profit in Cincinnati. TM’s a little bit of a writer, an avid reader, and has recently become interested in extremely short poetry.

More information about her work, follow her on Twitter: @tmkeesling or check out her LinkedIn.


Elizabeth Jenike is a writer, reader, and lover of cats based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her day job is marketing for various outlets. In her free time, she plays video games and tries(fails) to cut back on coffee. Her words can still be found at elizabethjenike.wordpress.com (updates to the blog coming soon!).



Consulting Editor Alex G. Friedman was described in a eulogy as a fictitious character created as part of an elaborate hoax. He studied at Chatham University and is working on an unannounced book project.

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