It’s almost here . . .

. . . Submissions Day! Get those subs in! We’re waiting to read your fiction, non-fiction, and poetry — no theme, no worries. Get it in by Monday.



Another issue out.

We (TM and E) have just released the latest issue of NEAT.

We’re loving watching the magazine grow and develop. If you love this magazine too, share the link to our site with friends and family, especially if you’re one of our amazing contributors.

Show off a bit!



Update from Liz — New things on the horizon for us NEAT-itors

Somewhere, there is a cosmic teapot about to start whistling, because TM and I have had some things brewing for quite a while.

First, I just moved Chicago! Woo! It’s very exciting. It’s my first time living in a large city, and so far I love it. I can’t wait to delve into the literary scene here (for now, I’m helping my confused cats adjust and trying to keep my head above the snow). I know a couple of our past contributors live here in the Windy City, so I’m sure Chicago is just bursting with opportunity for NEAT.

Plus, with my move, we have completed a Bermuda Triangle of sorts with our editors. All of us started out in Oxford, Ohio, and now we have one in Cincinnati (TM), one in Chicago (me), and one in Pittsburgh (Alex). This neat-angle will serve a fun purpose later this year, methinks.

Second, and more importantly, TM is now a Master of Poetry! Yay! Everyone should comment and congratulate her on all of her hard work. Getting a master’s degree is no joke, and TM actually got two degrees at once, practically two years before most people. In other words, she’s awesome.

That’s about all for me, for now. The deadline for our Winter 2014-2015 issue is looming (February 13), so be sure to get us your DIRGES before the window closes!

Back to cat-cuddling!


Update from Liz — Tumblr-tastic

Hello writers, readers, photographers, and lovers of all art! I thought I would check in and remind everyone that we have a Tumblr page where we accept photography and art. We made the decision to take the photography from the magazine itself and put it somewhere it will be appreciated even more. So head on over there and submit!

(If you don’t have a Tumblr page, no worries — just email us your submissions and we will do the rest.)


TM’s Note on Professionalism

First and foremost, to get published, you must have interesting, polished work that follows the theme and aesthetic of wherever you’re submitting. Even though the rest of the tips I’ll include here are important, that tip is the most important. I don’t think I have to explain why.


Second, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Polish your work. If an editor has to make more than two, maybe three, grammatical or spelling corrections in your story (poetry gets more leeway if there’s an intention behind the change), then your work will probably be rejected.


Third, look at the magazine’s guidelines for how they want the submission to look and actually follow them. This is where an editor can see the difference between a professional writer and an amateur. Don’t get me wrong, E and I love getting work from new writers, however, we both are unimpressed by unprofessional emails and unprofessional submissions.


What is an unprofessional email, you might ask?

An email:

-without a subject in the subject bar

-where the name of the writer and the name attached to the email address, or the email address itself, are different; this is fine if you include a line about publishing under a penname and the editors know which name you plan to use

-without a bio—at least glance at bios from past issues (this is another area that’s a dead giveaway on whether or not a writer has looked at the magazine before)

-that’s in a funky font—keep it simple and unobtrusive


That’s really what it comes down to. Editors, usually, are forgiving if you forget an attachment or make a mistake on some other element of this process, but don’t make it a regular habit and remember that the editor doesn’t enjoy rejecting a writer’s work any more than the writer him/herself enjoys being rejected.


Basically, your job, as the writer, is to send in work that’s impossible to reject—start with the work itself, then look at how you’re presenting it to a magazine.


I wish you well!



NEAT does crafts

NEAT highligted letter 3Before Christmas, E and I got to crafting!

Stationary, stamps, ink, and all! We kept it simple and we kept it neat. We’re hoping to use these “notes from NEAT” as thank yous for our past, present, and future highlighted writers.

Anyone else wanting mail from us, should email,, and we’ll send along a post card!



NEAT highligted letter 1


NEAT highligted letter 2