The New Normal for T & E

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Because TM is stuck in the snow globe that is Cincinnati and because Elizabeth is now happily calling Chicago home, the new normal for editorial meetings is Skype.

The past couple of days have been spent Skyping, texting, emailing, and Google Doc-ing while E and T set up the Winter 2014-2015 issue. Get excited and stay tuned for the release of the issue within the next week!

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We just had to get one of Elizabeth’s cat crashing the meeting! I’ll refrain from making a cat joke.

Keep it neat!



Update from TM

NEAT Post card Dec 2014

Liz and I are having our second meeting for the Fall 2014 issue today! We’re finalizing the issue, so in the next few days be on the look out for the announcement that the issue has been published.

In the meantime, Liz and I plan to drop these postcards off at coffee shops and libraries around Cincinnati. If you find one, feel free to grab it — and we’d love for you to tweet at us with a picture or comment on where you found the postcard! (@NEATmag)

If you don’t live in the area, email us ( and we’d be happy to send some your way.

Keep it neat.

Submissions Closed

As they say: that’s a wrap! As people who love music and art, we can’t wait to read your nocturne submissions. If you submitted, we will get back to you in the next two weeks or so. In the meantime, check out the summer issue to remind you of warmer times.

Keep it NEAT.
Liz & TM

From our family/framily* to yours….

Neat thanks



No bells or whistles here, just a genuine appreciation for our readers and contributors. Have a very happy Thanksgiving and know that we, at NEAT, are thankful for you all.

-Elizabeth, TM, and Alex




*a family of friends, obvi.  <–TM’s annotation


Pitt 6To when Editor TM visited Consulting Editor Alex in Pittsburgh.


All three editors have lots of good things in store for the magazine this year!




The two crotchety editors:

Pitt 3 - Version 2    Pitt 5


Look for our literature around Pittsburgh, if you’re in the area. We love retweeting people, so feel free to tweet at us.

Pitt 8 - Version 2     Pitt 9     Pitt 10



Hey, remember that time…

the Midwest was in a Polar Vortex?

We do.


Here’s how we dealt with it.


At first,

DSC_0069 - Version 2        DSC_0030 - Version 3

we took it neat and chatted.



Then, when we realized the vortex was there for a longer visit than anyone expected,

DSC_0020 - Version 2

we got to work.