It’s almost here . . .

. . . Submissions Day! Get those subs in! We’re waiting to read your fiction, non-fiction, and poetry — no theme, no worries. Get it in by Monday.



Another issue out.

We (TM and E) have just released the latest issue of NEAT.

We’re loving watching the magazine grow and develop. If you love this magazine too, share the link to our site with friends and family, especially if you’re one of our amazing contributors.

Show off a bit!



Fall 2014 is LIVE!

Our nocturne issue has reached its crescendo and is now available for reading. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts and impressions on this one.

Three things:

1.) As always, our interviews the highlighted writers are up on TMI and Liz’s Pick. This quarter, we featured Fred Zirm and Courtney Denning.

2.) We decided that with this issue, we would solicit book reviews. There are three at the end of the issue: Tomorrowland by Joseph Bates, Fall Love by contributor Anne Whitehouse, and Honeyvoiced by contributor Jordi Alonso. We hope the reviews will spur you to read these books!

3.) Our Winter 2014-2015 Call for Submissions is also up. The theme: dirge. Give us something dark and worthy of the name.

Keep it NEAT.

TM & Liz

Summer issue incoming . . . and notice anything different?

Take a look at your address bar. That’s right, we got out the pocketbook and swiped our credit card and we now have a domain name! Easy to remember because of the alliteration:

Kind of like M&M, but not.

Equally as exciting: we met today to determine the ordering for our Summer 2014 issue. That should be released early next week, so get pumped for a beautiful new issue. Can’t wait to share our desires with our lovely readers.

Keep it classy. Keep it NEAT.

TM & Liz

The Winter 2013 – 2014 Issue is here!

Great news! We’re finally done putting together the winter issue, and it’s beautiful (of course). Check it out here.

And of course with a new issue comes a new call for submissions! What’s our theme for spring? Read our call and guidelines to find out, and then send us your work. We’re ready to read and see your madness.

Now, we have a couple of exciting bits of news to share with our loyal readers and newcomers alike. We have welcomed writer and fellow graduate student Alex G. Friedman aboard as Consulting Editor. Alex will be reading the submissions that the two of us don’t necessarily agree on and will serve as the deciding vote. We trust him completely with our magazine and can’t wait to work with him for the spring issue. Check out his biography on our Editors page and be sure to welcome him to the team!

For this winter issue, along with bringing Alex on board and diving into the poetic deep end as far as accepted work goes, we decided to do something different with our website. As you can see, at the top of this page we have added two tabs: TMI and Liz’s Pick. We both chose an author to interview and showcase on the website (one poet and one fictioneer), and you’ll find those interviews on those tabs. We’re excited to share these authors’ work with everyone!

Thank you again to our lovely readers for continuing to share the magazine and help us grow. It means so much to us — this is what we love to do, and we’re happy that you’re enjoying it too.

Okay, that’s all for now. Back to #neatingout.

Elizabeth Jenike
TM Keesling
NEAT. Editors