What we love more than publishing a great story:

Hearing from our amazing fans and contributors!

If you have interest in a postcard from us, having us send you fliers to post around your Midwestern city, see our fliers posted anywhere and want to tweet us a picture, or just want to reach out to recommend great books, we’d love to interact with you.




Extra brownie points if you tell a friend.


As you all know, our deadline for the spring issue has come and passed!

E and T will be meeting this week to discuss the submissions. We’ll be sending out emails in the next week and publishing the issue shortly after that.


Thanks for keeping in touch!

Thinking back and celebrating the future.




Here at NEAT, we’re thinking back to our fun in the fall leaves–when both TM and Elizabeth lived around Cincinnati and could see each other whenever–and also thinking ahead (and celebrating) our next issue. This is our 8th issue and it will be making its appearance shortly!


Keep your eyes open for a post announcing that.

Keep it neat.

So you busy bees can bring us the pollen…

we’ve extended the deadline to May 8th, which is next Friday.


If you’re not sure what to submit, send us something with energy. Send us something that wakes us up after a long, cold winter. Think rhythm.

Be our alarm clock for spring.


For information on our guidelines.

Look for me at AWP!

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 7.10.29 PM



While Elizabeth and I don’t have a booth at the AWP conference, I will be there wandering around–most likely with, contributing editor, Alex Friedman.

I will have NEAT (/neat) post cards to hand out and 50 printed copies of the winter issue. Don’t be shy, come say hi!





We’re loving…

all the requests for a post card!


Keep them coming: neatmag@gmail.com. Just send us your address and we’ll send you a personalized note.

Feel free to share this link with your friends and family too.


Keep it neat.


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