NEAT is an online literary magazine devoted to writers with ties to the Midwest. We (Elizabeth and TM) got together in the summer of 2013 and decided we wanted to contribute to the literary scene and give Midwestern writers like ourselves an avenue for expression. NEAT is what blossomed out of that discussion.

Notice how we use NEAT? All caps: and we can tell who’s paying attention based on that.

Twice per year, we send out our call for submissions. Through the Spring 2015 issue, we’d propose a theme. After that issue, we decided to open our call up and see what theme appears out of the submitted work we love. We thought that would allow a little more self-expression on the part of our contributors.  Our reading period for a specific call lasts about five months — then we close it for about one month, which allows us time to create the issue. When the newest issue goes out, we reopen for business. What that basically means is that we’re always reading something — so send your work our way!

We take our whiskey — and our literature — neat. So grab a chair and a glass and join the discussion. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next issue.

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