We’re back!

Hello, everyone! Liz here.

You’ve probably noticed that we’ve been pretty mum lately. TM and I have been busy with our full-time work and haven’t been spending as much time on NEAT. as we would have liked. The result was an unofficial hiatus as we got everything under control.

But we’re back now!

To business: Submissions are open until May 1st. This is a little different for us. We’ve decided to make the magazine a biannual instead of a quarterly – with our lives as busy as they are (we’re not students anymore!), we found that we weren’t able to devote adequate time to making four great issues per year. So now we’re giving ourselves – and you! – the time to breathe and focusing our energy on two issues instead. We’re still going to publish amazing work – so we hope you can get on board as we make this transition.

With a May 1 deadline, we’re hoping to have a completed magazine out by June 1. Send us everything! Any theme. Be sure to check out the submission guidelines.

And if you haven’t – be sure to check out the Summer 2015 issue. It’s full of great prose and poetry, and we’re proud of it. Maybe you’ll find something in here to latch onto.

That’s all I have for now! We’re both looking forward to reading everything you send our way.

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