Jordi Alonso’s Voice is Made of Honey

One of our frequent contributors, MFA candidate and poet Jordi Alonso, has a new book coming out this week. Take it from us: you’ll want to check this one out. Jordi’s writing style is passionate and sensual, leaving readers eager for more. Can’t wait to check out his new collection, Honeyvoiced.

Pre-order it here. Its release date is this Saturday the 15th of November, so you’ll get your copy in no time — and commence to devouring.

An excerpt from his poem “Fragment 88” in our Fall 2013 issue:

I will love the orange blossoms
brought here by merchants—

the pepper’s heat—an oil
so strong for such a small black seed
showing passion in size;

cardamom in goat’s milk
boiled with honey,
sweeter than wine:

vines’ plump grapes
whose mild tang
wakes up my tongue. …

For more like this, don’t hesitate to order his book. We’re certain you won’t be disappointed.

-Liz & TM

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